KARUNADHARA in a nutshell:

Karunadhara is a unique non-Government registered Trust (Registration No. being 1066 dt. 28-03-2011) dedicating itself for promoting overall well being of persons suffering from physical and /or mental disability and for enabling financially weak critically ill persons to avail of costly specialised treatment. In addition to providing required financial aid to such needy persons, Karunadhara has also been taking up various measures to develop lalent talent and raise social status of physically and / or mentally challenged persons .

Objectives of Karunadhara

  1. To provide financial assistance to those physically and mentally disabled persons who have no or insufficient income of their own, have no relative or friend capable and willing to financially support them and who have not received any adequate financial help from Govt./any other organisation / Individual .
  2. To provide financial assistance to those critically ill persons who are unable to afford costly specialized treatment inside or outside the state and are also not in receipt of any help from the Govt. / any other organization or individual for their specialised treatment.
  3. To publish relevant literature and organize seminars etc. in various areas to make the Govt. and the civil society aware of their responsibilities towards such unfortunate sections of our society.
  4. To undertake any other activity to promote the welfare and social status of such people.
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Area of operation

Though initially, the area of operation has been confined to Assam, it has been planned to extend it to whole of the North East India in future, as the fund position and administrative capacity permit.

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G. L. Publication Complex
G. S. Road, Ulubari
Guwahati  781 007
Dist. Kamrup (Metro) Assam
Email :- karunadharatrust@gmail.com

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