Everyone may not be aware of the fact that against the total number of 5,30,340 persons with various physical and / or mental disabilities in Assam as per 2001 census, the number of such persons has reportedly increased to around nine lakhs as per the latest (2011) census, though the exact number with breakup of various types of disabilities, have not yet been made public by the census department. The parents and Guardians of a large percentage of such persons are also not financially strong to ensure their proper care and upkeep . In addition to such unfortunate people, there are also a large number of persons who are suffering from complicated diseases and are continuing to suffer as their financial condition does not permit them to take advantage of costly specialised treatment , Unfortunately Government measures to banish / mitigate the suffering of both these categories of people are far from adequate.

Being highly pained by the plight of such unfortunate people, some kind hearted people of Guwahati met under the Chairmanship of Shri Homen Borgohain, the eminent writer and Journalist, in his office chamber on 12-02-2011, to devise ways and means to provide succour to such people as possible as a supplement to Government measures. On the basis of the discussions in this meeting , a Trust was created in a subsequent meeting on 24-03-2011 and was registered on 28-03-2011, registered no being 1066 dtd. 28-03-2011.

Distinguished persons manning the trust -

Name Address Port-folio
1) Sri Homen Borgohain
 Eminent writer & Journalist
 and Chief Editor, Amar Asom.
Assam State Housing Board
Complex. Hengrabari.
P.O.-Dispur Guwahati
Chief Adviser
2) Sri Nishinath Changkakoti
IPS (Rtd.)
Former Director General of Police
Assam, Ph.No:94351-94714
House No-11, Ankurpath
P.O. - Beltola, Guwahati - 28
3) Sri Pratul Phukan, IPS (Retd.)
Former DIG of Police
Ph.No. 99540-49671

House No 8, Namghar Path, Six Mile

P.O. Khanapara, Guwahati - 785021

Working President
4) Sjta Nilima Goswami
Eminent writer and Teacher
Ph. No. 94351-12373
Hemlata Heritage (A)
Flat - 2A, Uzanbazar, Guwahati-1
Vice President
5) Dr. Nareswar Sarma
Eminent Doctor and Writer
House No 8
Brindaban Path. Rupnagar
Guwahati -32
Gen. Secretary
(Fiscal Aid)
6) Sri Ajit Kumar Khatoniar
Retired General Manager
Oil India Ltd.
M.No- 80110-04858
Radhakunj Apartment
Lakhi Nagar, Near P.N. Bank, Zoo Road,
Guwahati 781005 (Assam)
Gen. Secretary
7) Sri Dilip Kr. Biswas
Advocate Guwahati, High Court
Retired Member of Indian
Revenue service
M.No- 98640-14704
Borthakur Mill Road,
House No-63
Ulubari, Guwahati -7
Treasurer cum
Accounts Officer
8) Shri Atul Chandra Sarma
Advocate, Guwahati High Court
M. No. 98645-07528
P.O. - Bharalumukh,
Guwahati - 1
legal matters
9) Shri Jyotirmoy Purkayastha
Retd. Assistant Commissioner
of Income Tax
M.No- 94350-18240
Barsapara, Bye lane No.5
Guwahati -781018
Internal Auditor
10) Dr. Anjanjyoti Choudhury
Eminent Doctor and writer
M.No. 98640-46416
B.N. Das Lane, House No 12-A
Ambari, Guwahati -781001
11) Dr. Jibeswar Chakravarty
Eminent Doctor and Social worker
M. No : 98641-38579
Shreemantapur, 2nd Bye lane
12) Shri GL. Agarwalla
CMD, GL. Publication Ltd.
and Social worker
M. No. 94350-40828
C/o - GL. Publications Ltd.
Ulubari, Guwahati -7
13) Shri Gunendra Nath Goswami
Retired, General Manager
Oil India Ltd.
M.No.- 98640-22659
S.K. Baruah Road
1 St Bye Lane (Left)
Rukmininagar, Guwahati -6
14) Sri Dinesh Ch. Barman IAS (Retd.)
Former Commissioner of Education
etc., Govt. of Assam,
Ph.No. 94355-56213
33 Namghar Path, Rukmini Nagar
Guwahati - 6
15) Shri Pradip Kr. Brahma
Retd. Prof. Assam Engineering College. Guwahati
M.No. 97075-55446
Ward No. 37
Kharghull. Guwahati -4
16) Sri Bhabendra Nath Saikia
Retd. Chief Manager,
State Bank of India
M. No. 98640-49692
10, Prasanti Path. Survey
Guwahati -28

17) Shri Bimal Phukan
Engineer & Writer
Email - bimalphukan1939
M.No. 94351-09158

House No 80, K.K. Road

Chenikuthi Hill Side, Guwahati 781003

18) Shri Bapon Kalita
Writer and Social worker
M.No. 94351-01951
House No- 14
Lakhimininagar. Hatigaon
19) Dr. Shamslul Islam Barbhuiyan
Eminent Doctor
M.No.- 98640-35686
20) Dr. Dr Rubi kotoky
Eminent Doctor
Rajgarh Road
Guwahati - 781007


The Trust - Fund

Karunadhara Trust has depended for creation and augmentation of its fund on the donations from kindhearted individuals, Public and Private Sector Industrial Establishments, business houses, banks, other financial Institutions, Non-Govt. Philanthropic Organizations, State and Central Government etc. Donations made to Karunadhara are eligible for the benefit of deduction under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 with effect from 01-04-2012 as per memo No. 21/80 G (5) / CIT/GHTY-1/2012-13/5405-11 dt. 31-01-2013 from office of the Commissioner of Income Tax, Guwahati - 1. However, Karunadhara is not yet eligible for accepting donations / grant in foreign exchange under the Foreign Exchang Regulations Act.

The details of Bank accounts of Karunadhara in which donations / grants can be deposited are noted below -

Name of Bank Bank of Baroda United Bank of India

Name of Branch
Name of Account
SB Account No.

G.S. Road, Guwahati

G.S. Road. Guwahati


The total donations received upto the last financial year since inception are as under.

Financial Year Amount

12.02.2011 to 31.03.2011

Rs. 2,78,324.00

01.04.2011 to 31.03.2012

Rs. 33,87,877.50

01.04.2012 to 31.03.2013

Rs. 54,55,135.00

01.04.2013 to 31.03.2014

Rs. 45,43,132.50

01.04.2014 to 31.03.2015

Rs. 58,14,921.00

01.04.2015 to 31.03.2016

Rs. 47,78,357.00

Karunadhara Trust appeals to all kind hearted persons and organizations / establishments to donate more liberally to the fund of Karunadhara as it is certainly evident to every one that donations so far received are far from adequate to do everything necessary for the well being of the targeted population.

Financial aid to helpseekers

In order to be able to judge properly the eligibility of persons seeking financial help from Karunadhara, a comprehensive application form has been designed. On receipt of filled up forms along with required documents from helpseekers or their Guardians, the Doctor Trustee examine the same and furnish a joint recommendation in each case to the president of the Trust. The president, on the basis of the majority opinion of other Trustees concerning the recommendations of the Doctor Trustees, issues his order sanctioning grant of financial aid or otherwise. There is a set of guidelines adopted by the Trustees for consideration of such applications. According to these guidelines (a) generally no application for financial aid for patients can be entertained if such patients take shelter of any Private Hospital / Nursing Home at the first instance without any recommendation of nearest Civil Hospital / Government Medical College. This, however, does not apply to patients who are detected / suspected to be suffering from cancer by any local Doctor and straightaway avails of specialized treatment in B. Barooah Cancer Institute in Guwahati (b) financial aid to the helpseekers as may be granted, are required to be paid in cheque, preferably in favour of the bank account of the helpseeker himself. If for any genuine reason, the helpseeker is unable to operate any bank account, the second preference should be the bank account of mother / father. If due to any unavoidable reason, the amount is required to be given in the name and account of any other person, there must be an appropriate authority letter duly attested by Notary / Gazetted Officer. Within the limitation of available fund, Karunadhara extended financial help to persons with different degrees of Physical and / or mental disability and for treatment of critical illness as under during the last 3 financial years.

Year Total Amount


Rs. 25,34,636.00


Rs. 30,45,750.00


Rs. 49,53,826.00


Rs. 50,92,767.00


Rs. 47,07,537.00


Rs. 47,61,009.00

Brief particulars of such beneficiaries since 01-04-2013 along with their photographs are available in the beneficiary link . It is clear that the number of beneficiaries are not yet significant in comparison to the deserving persons among the targeted population.

Working Procedure :

Meetings of Trustees are held at least once every month. In these meetings all policy decisions are taken and all matters concerning grant of financial aid as regards applications received since the previous meeting are finalised. All appeals, notices, list of Donors with donated amounts etc. are generally published in "Amar Asom" as Shri GL. Agarwalla, the owner of Amar Asom and Shri Homen Borgohain, Chief Editor of 'Amar Asom' had assured Karunadhara to provide this valuable help as soon as the Trust was created . Shri Agarwalla has also kindly provided some reasonable space with required table & chairs in the first floor of the building of G.L. Publications Ltd. for office work of Karunadhara free of any charge. The Trustees including office bearers are not entitled to any pay or honourarium and also any travel allowance within the jurisdiction of Guwahati Development Authority. Cost of Tea and snacks provided in the meetings of the Trustees and during the office work of the office bearers of the Trust are also borne by them in rotation. However, Trustees, who are required to travel to places outside Guwahati City, are entitled to actual journey expenses. Cheques to beneficiaries and for other expenses are required to be signed by Treasurer cum Accounts Officer and two of the following three office bearers.

(i) President
(ii) Working President
(iii) General Secretary (Administration)

Accounts are maintained by Treasurer cum Accounts Officer and are audited generally every three months by the Internal Auditor of the Trust. Annual accounts are also audited by a reputed Chartered Accountant. Income Tax returns are also duly submitted every financial year.

Sahayak Committee:

To assist the Trustees of Karunadhara in their various activities towards fulfillment of the objectives, District Sahayak Committees have been formed in most of the districts of Assam. Such committees will be formed in the remaining districts also as early as possible. Details of such committees with names & phone numbers of main office bearers have been mentioned below .

Guwahati (Metro)
Shri Mrinal Kumar Barua Chairman 94350-17004
Shri Chandra Hazarika Working Chairman 98640-54826
Shri Pulin Rajkhowa Secretary General 94355-34209
Dr. Lakshmi Goswami Chairman 94350-80123
Shri Haren Buthra Working Chairman 94350-83690
Sjta Nirmali Bhuyan Secretary General 94357-11063
Shri Prabhat Narayan Choudhury Chairman 98540-85869
Shri Mukul Chandra Deka Working Chairman 94350-87181
Dr. Brajen Bhattacharya Secretary General 94350-87359
Dr. Rajen Saikia Chairman 03672-250072
Dr. Mukut Goswami Working Chairman 94350-60600
Sjta Gita Bhuyan Secretary General 97060-58540
Shri Keshab Chandra Dakua Chairman 98643-93537
Smti Hiranmoy Saikia Lahkar Working Chairman 94353-21402
Shri Amulya Das Secretary General 96789-15598
Shri Mukibur Hussain Chairman 98640-95648
Shri Robin Patgiri Working Chairman 99541-44240
Shri Jayanta Bujarbarua Secretary General 96789-99238
Shri Lakhi Kanta Rai Chairman 94351-22366
Dr. Pranab Kumar Dhar Working Chairman 94350-21096
Dr. Abdur Rahim Secretary General 94351-20778
Shri Girindra Nath Goswami Chairman 94350-07799
Md. Nurul Islam Choudhury Working Chairman 94350-28715
Shri Udayan Chakraborty Secretary General 94353-27899
Md. Saidul Islam Chairman 94011-28077
Shri Jagat Chandra Borthakur Working Chairman 99574-65384
Shri Himen Chandra Bhattacharyya Secretary General 94350-54183
Dr. Prakash Kotoky Chairman 94354-87532
Dr. Prabuddha Prasad Chetia Working Chairman 94353-56152
Shri Answer Uddin Bora Secretary General 94357-17758
Shri Prakhyat Dowerah Chairman 94350-54446
Dr. Apurba Kumar Hazarika Secretary General 94350-53718
Dr. Nareswar Dutta Chairman 94350-35502
Dr. Kirtiranjan Dey Working Chairman 94350-35603
Shri Shyamanta Bora Secretary General 94350-37969
Dr. Nagen Saikia Chairman 94350-30340
Shri Nakul Khaund Secretary General 94354-13811
Shri Ashok Deka Chairman 97066-66714
Dr. Puniram Patar Working Chairman 94353-64769
Sjta Bani Barua Secretary General 99540-57260
Shri Ramakanta Baruah Chairman 94350-23778
Md. Abedur Rahman Saikia Working Chairman 94353-99798
Shri Dilip Kumar Sarma Secretary General 94355-60363
Dr. Rohit Chandra Brahma Chairman 94356-53635
Shri Dwijendra Bayan Working Chairman 98641-61046
Shri Rebati Raman Sapkata Secretary General 97070-27957
Dr. Sarbeswar Chutia Chairman 94350-89226
Shri Krishna Bordoloi Working Chairman 98644-82856
Shri Biren Sonowal Secretary General 94355-09802
Sri Bolinarayan Phukan Chairman 94355-20766
Sri Hemendra Kumar Gogoi Working Chairman 99543-97017
Sri Gobin Chandra Bora Secretary General 94350-85238
Kamrup (Rural)
Sri Narendra Sarma Chairman 98642-93318
Md. Khalilur Rahman Working Chairman 96784-07375
Shri Karunadhar Sarma Secretary General 94350-49984
Mr. Nanilal Sen Chairman 94353-72090
Mr. Pijush Kanti Choudhury Working Chairman -
Dr. Ajit Kumar Chattacharjee Secretary General 94351-73229
Mr. Manas Kanti Das Chairman -
Dr. Ashutosh Das Working Chairman 94350 78849
Md. Ali Mazarbhuyan Secretary General -
Shri Nikhil Chandra Das Chairman 96137-10150
Shri Putul Baruah Working Chairman 94350-66392
Shri Sanju Borah Secretary General 94351-66141
Shri Bhabesh Rajbongshi Chairman 94355-02845
Shri Bidyaram Singer Working Chairman  
Shri Gautam Sutradhar Secretary General 99548-00579
Shri Kshirod Khakhlary Chairman 94353-13778
Shri Ashok Ranjan Bhattacharya Working Chairman 94353-13420
Shri Pradip Roy Secretary General 98543-33907
Shri Anil Bezbaruah Chairman 98642-19000
Shri Anisur Rahman Working Chairman 73990-41167
Shri Surendra Nath Gogoi Secretary General 94352-35044
Shri Birendra Kumar Hazarika Chairman 94350-65375
Dr. Haralal Biswas Working Chairman 94353-65518
Shri Prasanta Kumar Saikia Secretary General 94357-10157
Bajali (Pathsala)
Dr. Hitesh Talukdar Chairman 94354-84827
Shri Ananta Mohan Sarma Working Chairman 99540-81515
Shri Nayanendra Narayan Devchoudhuri Secretary General 94355-13175
Dr. Sunil Chandra Sarma Chairman 94351-40406
Shri Mridul Chandra Bhagawati Working Chairman 8011780317
Shri Khanin Deka Secretary General 94350-42871
Biswanath Chariali
Shri Jiten Bhagawati Chairman 99540-93644
Shri Rana Hazarika Working Chairman 90851-40016
Shri Sadananda Goswami Secretary General 94738-07722
Shri Munin Borthakur Chairman 94358-35998
Shri Jitendra Kumar Deka Working Chairman 94350-65425
Sjta Manabi Saikia Secretary General 94358-17175
Sjta Champa Hazarika Secretary General 94350-64481
Shri Nikunja Brahma Chairman 99574-99722
Shri Uddab Pathak Working Chairman 94353-22373
Shri Dilip Sethia Secretary General 94350-27220
Shri Promod Ranjan Das        Chairman                    94353-69997
Shri Prabhat Kayal                  Working President      94351-68640
Shri Pradip  Bagchi                 Secretary General       94358-35589
Shri Dhirendranath Medhi        Chairman                    88768-54807
Shri Biraj Mohan Roy               Working President      94350-20181
Shri Birhas Giri Basumatary     Secretary General       94350-23057
Sri Amrit Kalita Chairman 9435040880
Sri Anil Chandra Kalita Working President 8011298311
Sri Dipak Chandra Kalita Secretary General 9085402243
Sri Dipak Talukdar Chairman 9435006717
Sri Dilip Kumar Dutta Working President 9854551938
Sri Mahendra Bharali Secretary General 9835563755
Sri Rita Borgohain Phukan Chairman 7399060638
Sri Pradip Gogoi Working President 9435153157
Sri Prasanta Gogoi Secretary General 9678853300
Dr. Amrit Kumar Gogoi Chairman 9435005706
Dr. Bimal Kumar Sarmah Working President 9435039088
Sjta Mitali Saikia Secretary General 9954601484
Mr. Gopal Chandra Das Chairman 9577975611
Mr. Abu Hussain Working President 9435337936
Mr. Pallav Sarmah Secretary General 9954437569


The tasks given to the Sahayak Committees are as follows :-

A. To collect donations in their respective districts for Karunadhara fund.

B. To scrutinise the applications for financial aid from Karunadhara, received from helpseekers and to forward to the General Secretary (Fiscal aid) of Karunadhara, those applications which fulfil all conditions and to return to the applicants, those which are incomplete and /or does not fulfil the requirements.

C. To make a survey of financial condition, talents, skill etc. of the persons suffering from Physical / mental disability in their respective districts and send the report to General Secretary (Administration) of Karunadhara.

D. To carry on publicity campaign, particularly among the students of schools and colleges about the objectives and activities of Karunadhara in order to generate / promote in thier minds the feeling of kindness, compassion towards not only persons afflicted with physical and / or mental disability or suffering from any critical disease, but also all other weaker sections of the society.

E. To assist Karunadhara in implementing any other measure for the well being of persons suffering from physical and /or mental disability and persons suffering from complicated diseases.

The Sahayak Committee have been provided with receipt books for collection of donations and also sample application forms for fiscal aid.